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Empowering families to become self-supporting since 1982

The Center for Work Education and Employment (CWEE), is Colorado’s first 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that assists low-income single families in gaining the skills and education necessary to transition off of public assistance (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, TANF), and gain long-term employment. CWEE’s purpose is to reduce poverty in Colorado by creating self-supporting families.

Featured Participant

Bruce is a husband and father of two who disclosed his passion for the food service industry when he enrolled in CWEE. Bruce had left the food service industry quite some time ago to pursue a higher paying JOB with more consistent hours, but this JOB was not in an industry he was passionate about. He recognized that he could easily gain a well-paying supervisor position in a warehouse, but this didn't motivate him. It wasn't his passion, a position in a warehouse would have just been another JOB.

Instead, Bruce utilized the career exploration opportunities at CWEE, his personal network, related job training workshops and mock interviews with hospitality recruiters to pursue his CAREER in the food service industry.

Bruce had this to say about his overall experience at CWEE, "CWEE has helped me learn and understand the hiring process better. The staff is very knowledgeable and supportive.  I feel empowered to make my career path both professionally and personally. I feel strongly that the path I am heading on now is better suited to who I am and not just what I think I need to do or am expected to do."

In less than two months from enrolling at CWEE, Bruce started his CAREER in food service. Bruce gained employment as a restaurant supervisor with one of CWEE's employer partners, Sage Hospitality, one of the U.S's top hospitality management, investment and development companies, who also happens to have its headquarters in Denver. Bruce now has a CAREER and not just a JOB - congrats Bruce and best wishes for continued success!

Featured Partner

Interest in the healthcare industry is among CWEE’s career seekers most highly sought after positions. Last year, CWEE helped people gain and maintain employment in more than 50 healthcare positions. It’s through partnerships with industry providers that CWEE is able to help our career seekers be competitive applicants in today’s market.


Included in those partners is the region’s largest health care network, Centura Health. Members of Centura Health’s Human Resources team provide regular updates to CWEE’s employment services department on what skills, training and experience their organization is looking for, as well as how to navigate the career pathways within the healthcare sector. Centura Health also works directly with our career seekers by providing career coaching through mock interview sessions.


Thank you Centura Health for investing in our community’s workforce and building opportunities for CWEE’s families to become self-supporting.

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